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Pointers for Choosing a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Distinguishing a good window cleaning service seems easy but isn’t really that simple. After all, there are lots of companies that offer this service these days, and they can be unique in several important ways. Hence, don’t make a choice until you’ve reviewed all the essential issues involved.

Customer Reviews

When looking for a window cleaner, Internet reviews can be a good starting point. Reviews are first-hand accounts of people who have actually hired certain cleaners before, so it’s a good peek into your potential experience with them. But of course, not all reviews you’ll find online are credible, so it’s crucial to pick your sources. Stick to trusted independent consumer websites like Angie’s List and The Yellow Pages, and avoid marketing websites, which are clearly biased.

License and Accreditation

Like any other business out there, window cleaning services have to be licensed by the state. Sounds obvious, but this is something that gets taken for granted most of the time. Several companies make tempting offers but couldn’t match them with equivalent results. Besides giving you poor quality work, unlicensed window cleaners can be quite risky to hire as well. Since legit businesses are insured, you will not be liable for accidents that cause bodily injury or property damage.


One thing’s for sure: cost is not a determinant of quality. Naturally, everyone will want to get the best bang for their buck, but in ost cases, very cheap pricing can be a sign of poor services. Like most other services, you have to find that perfect middle ground when hiring a window cleaner. To put it simply, you don’t need to get to the bottom of the barrel, but overpaying is not an option either.


Safety has to be a top concern when selecting a window cleaning company. Therefore, make sure to steer clear of those that do not implement proper safety measures. Again, the web will be your ally for this. Do your research and look for companies that have are known for practicing high safety standards.

Employee Screening

This is crucial for any organization in any industry. Quality window cleaning companies follow the most stringent background screening processes when assessing the characters of people they are planning to hire. You don’t want anyone less than trustworthy to be entering your home.


Finally, always ask for a guarantees when hiring window cleaning services. Aside from cleaning your windows well, the cleaner you hire should also protect your cleaning investment. Similar to car washing services, you should also get some type of restitution guarantee within a certain period.

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